About Me

My name is Joanne Getz and I welcome you to my website. I live right on the shoreline of the Great Lake, Huron. Great it is. Massive in length and breadth it tends to put you right in your humble place in this Universe.

Life is full of addictions and passions. Two of mine are art and antiques. Hence the development of this website brings to fruition a dream of mine to share what I enjoy with others. I bring you these offerings with the deepest respect and love for the creative process. On these pages you will find antique items of  interest as well as  antique art and contemporary art.

I will use the Contemporary Art category to feature my original  creations. There you will find how my creative process works and develops. I will feature paintings I have sold, still have in my collection as well as all the recent works I have finished. I am always adding new work. I try to paint or do something creative every day. Typically I paint using oil and board. I also do shell work and replicate Sailor’s Valentines as well as other shell creations.

During the summer months, there are about 4 warm months here on the Lake, I open my home as an art and antiques gallery. I offer an interesting line of antique and artistic inventory. Should you be traveling in Michigan I would love to have you stop by. The village I live in, Port Hope, is one of the few magical hide a ways left. It is small, charming and the lake environment makes it resplendent with beauty.


    Thank you for stopping by my website,I hope you enjoy your visit.

    My Terms & Policies Page will provide you all the information on Payment & Shipping.

    I update my merchandise on a regular basis but my big updates are around the end of every month. At that time I send out a slideshow featuring all of my new items. If you would like to receive the slideshow, send me an email and I will add your email address to the release. People on my email release get first peek at all the new monthly items before my ad comes out in the Maine Antique Digest. Most of the inventory I carry is 19th., 18th., and some 17th. century country primitives in original surface. I am an artist and I feature some of my original works on the site as well. I will work with you in any way possible to make your visit and your purchases as pleasant and satisfying as possible.

    Please make checks payable to Joanne Getz. email or call me for any questions you may have or particular items you may be searching for.

    I will be glad to provide you with extra photos. I am just a click away by phone or email. My phone is 989-428-1009, email isartandantiquesMI@gmail.com